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Kitchen Tiles

Almost all of our tiles are suitable for a kitchen environment which makes the choice of almost 100 ranges irresistible.  

Beautiful as well as practical, they can add a little personality to the scheme with their distinctive colours, interesting shapes and tactile finish. One of our glazed brick tiles would be ideal for walls laid vertically or horizontally, or try of the Japanese style mosaics like Zeze or Kasama as an eye-catching element of the scheme. Pretty porcelain would be a wonderful addition for the floor in almost any size. Try one of the options that replicate natural materials like our Merestone or Cockleshell, or that look like time-honoured finishes like Terrazzo, for example, Trousdale. For creating floors with functionality but also a distinctively handmade appearance, nothing comes close to Terracotta. We have reclaimed and hand-made tiles that both have durability if sealed in the right way, and look truly stunning paired with complementary elements.

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