• New Shapes and New Shades

    Our passion for introducing new ranges is a direct result of our love for designing spaces that feel fresh and decorative.

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  • Dreaming of la dolce vita

    2020 got off to a normal start. Flights, hotels, car parks and meetings were booked. A major birthday plan was outlined and had started to be arranged and paid for. Then lockdown.

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  • Step by Step Painting Guide

    Many of us are thinking of tackling tasks around the home that we have put off before. One of the most common of these is painting. Before you undertake what at first glance seems a simple operation, we thought we would give you a few handy hints on how to get started, and how to undertake the job. It is simple, there is just some steps to follow to make the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

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  • If the hue fits...

    Deciding on how to decorate a room is a little like planting out a garden from scratch.

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  • Psst… picking porcelain?

    At Claybrook we have some truly lovely patterns and shapes but none so practical or pretty as those we offer in porcelain; the perfect combination of utility and style.

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  • Paint the town... Coral?

    Colour, like art, can be a very subjective business. We are each attracted to shades for myriad reasons. Sometimes a colour can trigger memories from childhood or a lovely vacation, with a corresponding emotional response. Like smell, some hues can take you right back to a moment in time.

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  • Design Stars of the Silver Screen*

    Many of us enjoy movies not just for the screenplay but because of the interiors shot as part of the drama. These spaces can form a key part in creating not only the setting but the mood for a film.

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  • Answering the call for natural product

    At Claybrook we are big fans of products that have been produced by human hands rather than conveyor belts and computer-controlled arms. Not that machine-made goods are inherently bad or inferior. Far from it... 

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  • New Arrivals

    Thinking about and developing new ideas for tiles never ends at Claybrook HQ. It’s a joy to see scribbles on a page end with tiles on a wall or floor months later. 

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  • Truly Artisanal Production

    At Claybrook we love finding smaller firms to work with who can produce great quality handmade tiles over and over again. With generations of experience crafting fine products at their atelier in the south-west of Italy, we were delighted to meet a talented family and even more excited once we started working on tile together.

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  • Wood that's covetable as well as sustainable

    The beauty and practicality of wood as a use for flooring has long been recognized. It was in the 17th century though that panels were designed for Versailles to replace marble as the practical floor of choice. 

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  • Our Studio at 123 Curtain Road, London

    When we created Claybrook we knew we wanted a studio space that would cater to homeowners and contract specifiers alike. It had to be accessible but with an edge. Big enough to display our full range of tiles from day one, but flexible enough to allow us to grow over time, and in an interesting building located somewhere with buzz. 

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