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Perfectly Imperfect New Wall Tiles

We like to think that at Claybrook we are pioneers in design, and as such have been working on perfecting a hand-made glazed brick tile for what seems like years. Finally, we have the series ready, and ironically; they’re actually quite imperfect.

It’s not that we’re displeased with them though. Glazing by hand means each one is slightly different with shade variation from tile to tile, something we really love the look of. Handmade is a term used pretty widely, but in this case it’s truly applicable. Raw clay is pushed into moulds by the Spanish makers, and worked to create each tile before entering the kiln. The glazing is also done by hand using pigments created by eye and knowledge. It takes a specialist to know how a glaze will look after firing, and experience to create the tiles time after time.

Williamsburg Brick Shoreline Williamsburg Brick Shoreline

Additionally, being slightly pitted adds a uniquely textured look; giving them an air of statement design, but with a somewhat urban aesthetic. Its imperfections are, in fact, the key to its beauty. The painterly shades are a mix of subtle and more vivid. The bold blue tile is particularly striking as we believe shades of cobalt will become increasingly popular throughout 2023. One of the unexpected things about cobalt is how truly versatile it is; pairing brilliantly with other hues from black and brown to pinks and yellows.

Williamsburg Brick Bushwick Williamsburg Brick Bushwick and Shoreline

Williamsburg Brick Bushwick Williamsburg Brick Bushwick

The new tile collection can handily create walls with visual interest, and can be laid in myriad ways depending on the look required. It’s easy to create chequerboard designs for example, by simply using two differing colours of the tiles alternately. Likewise, stripes can be made by laying lines of tiles in vertical bands or strips in two or even three shades.

Glazed tiles are ideal in bathrooms and kitchens, adding not just style but a surface that’s wipeable and hard wearing, alongside having longevity in terms of design. We couldn’t be happier with them. It pays to take time over getting something just right.

Williamsburg Brick Greenpoint Williamsburg Brick Greenpoint

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