Giardinetto Bench glazed wall tiles

Oh no, we've chosen white... what a cop out

Well maybe, but probably not.

It’s possible you have a fear of stronger colours, and lack the nerve to go for all-out bold statements throughout your home or project. Or, you have carefully assessed the look you want to achieve, studied the options, gone over the styles to choose from and taken definitive action to opt for white as the perfect design palette cleanser.

When we think back to the 70’s we think yellow and brown. For the 80’s we think neon shades or pastel pink and grey combo’s or the country house look of pattern on pattern. At the turn of the century, design guru’s championed that an Asian inspired ‘east meets west’ style demands taupe; and more taupe. However, underlying all these trends is a shade that appears pretty simple but actually forms a fundamental part of most interior schemes then and now; White.

It can be a mistake to think that white is not a colour. In myriad subtle variations it can either be a backdrop to stronger colour choices, or indeed act as the main anchoring shade within a scheme. Embracing a white wall or floor tile or paint pigment for your redecoration is not so much a rejection of other colours, so much as an adoption of a hue that can offer style in abundance through form, shape, texture and finish.

It’s amazing how many whites there are. Just pick up a piece of paper and hold it against a white wall to see that one looks virtually blue against the other. Or compare sugar and flour, or toothpaste and moisturiser. Go into the garden and look at flowers, many are white but look closely and you’ll see exquisite greens, pinks and yellows as underlying tones.

Over recent years many Claybrook clients have purchased from us with white forming a key ingredient to the refurbishment project or build. Some of them have been kind enough to share images of how they crafted white spaces, which we’d like to share for inspiration and interest.

Your Wonderfully White Homes

We get a real kick out of seeing the amazing and beautiful ways in which you have chosen to incorporate our designs into your space. Tag us using #claybrookstudio to share images of your completed Claybrook creations

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