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Pattern Play

A tile which is dipped in colour diagonally across one side and kept plain on the other seems a very simple idea. Indeed, it is a simple idea. From that molecule of design DNA, the Claybrook Crew engineered a range that has proven to be far more than just a single creative option. Yes, it is available in a series of colours, but it’s the versatility of the format that gives this porcelain tile the ability to be utilised in such a wide variety of ways, and to such a successful degree.

Many of us like to include decoration in our interior schemes without the look becoming too fussy and over complicated. Fabrics and wallpapers are great for adding pattern if required, but not always quite the right material; for example, in busy hallways and bathrooms where water is present. Sometimes the floor and wall can be tiled to create the effect required, creating a practical and cleanable surface in the process.

Semaphore Pinta >

Laid in fours with the coloured sides in a central motif, the tile turns into a chequerboard, whilst tiled in a simple repeat with the pattern facing the way creates a crisp geometric pattern that feels eye-catchingly modern.

Semaphore HunleySemaphore Hunley >

At first site this appears fairly random but is actually a pinwheel design, formed by rotating the tiles in turn.

Semaphore EnterpriseSemaphore Enterpise >

Laid in this way the tiles create lines for a stripy and more linear appearance, something that can be used to great effect on walls as well as on the floor.

Semaphore MayflowerSemaphore Mayflower >

The beauty of this design is that when laid in an utterly random way it creates a fantastically kaleidoscopic effect. The yellow Mayflower colourway seen here is a particular favourite of the Claybrook Crew.

Semaphore NinaSemaphore Nina >

The tiles create a streamlined chevron design with a sense of movement when laid in this charming zig-zag style pattern.

Semaphore BountySemaphore Bounty >

The use of the tiles turned to face the same direction creates a nicely graphic motif for striking floors or walls.


Whilst the Semaphore tile is a glazed porcelain tile and requires no sealing, it aims to imitate the look and surface texture of a traditional encaustic tile. Whilst this texture gives a great combination of grip and striking 50/50 white/colour design, it does mean that the floor will effectively ‘age’ over time and the white area will certainly mellow and become less vivid.

Regular cleaning with a ph neutral cleaner such as EcoProTec Aftercare Cleaner or Fila Pro Clean will keep the floor  clean and hygienic, but for those wanting to keep the white as white as possible, here are a few tips to help:

1)  Firstly, once the floor has been laid, has been cleaned and is completely dry, apply a coat of EcoProTec Porcelain Tile Protector. This will help the tile and grout repel spills, wet footprints and light dirt from outdoor shoes, making them easier to clean.

2)  Secondly, invest in a long handle nylon bristle scrubbing brush as this will really help the cleaning solution lift out any dirt from the surface, rather than the traditional mops that tend to just wipe over the surface.

3)  Finally, for those that really want to keep the tile’s contrast as vivid as possible, an occasional deep clean with EcoProTec Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner Intense Stone (when used in combination with a white bristle nylon brush) should remove any stubborn stains/marks. If the stain still persists then an application of LTP Grimex should work, but if the stain/mark still remains, please contact our Technical team for more specialist advice. Once the floor is as clean as possible, allow it to dry before re-applying the Porcelain Tile Protector

For advice on the best style to lay your tiles, or the best way to plan, cut or install your chosen tiles, contact our helpful Sales team or experienced Technical team at [email protected] or [email protected]

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