Dream Shower Screens

Dream Shower Screens

It's only once you start to a plan a bathroom or shower room that the subject of shower screens rears its head for the first time, unless of course you’ve inherited one in a house purchase or rental that is not fit for purpose and needs replacing quickly; never a fun job to tackle. We have devised shower screens that are worthy of a Pam and Bobby Ewing Dallas dream sequence, rather than an Alfred Hitchcock movie shocker in order to make your space as enjoyable as possible. If you’re planning a room layout from scratch there’s actually plenty of choice: fully enclosed, L-shaped, curved, or freestanding (framed glass or frameless). Screens are often a better option than shower curtains which can be tricky to keep clean, and sometimes get mildewed and look unsightly after a relatively short while.

Shower ScreenReeded Glass Full Frame Panel w800xh2000mm in Matt Black (right hand with optional towel rail). From £1,150.

Currently our most popular option is to have a full frame single panel like the one pictured above; a simple chic solution that doesn’t require a hinged door. Mounted to the wall it is secure enough not to require a stabilising arm unless it is over 1m in width. The black coated frame is visually fresh and modern; an eye-catching element that lifts the space from functional to aspirational through its gently industrial design. The open feel of a single panel adds to the sense of space and requires less cleaning. Any splashes of water that find themselves outside the screen are easily absorbed with a cotton bath matt many of us utilise when stepping out.

Shower ScreenClear Glass Full Frame Panel w800xh2000mm in Brushed Gold (left hand with optional towel rail). From £1,000.

Who doesn’t hate having to clean the glass in their bathroom? All our shower screens and enclosures are supplied with a chemically non-reactive protection that bonds to the inside of the glass, acting as a barrier on the surface. Resisting staining from hard water deposits, it also prevents the growth of bacteria which has to be a good thing.

Hand-built by skilled craftsmen in the UK, Claybrook Shower and Bath screens and enclosures are available in seven fabulous finishes so that you can get the balance of materials in your scheme just right. Soften hard edges in a shower room by using wallpaper on walls not prone to getting wet, and personalise with a favourite painting or print. Finish with quality candles and soft cotton towels to create a soulful room the opposite of soul destroying.


Made to Measure Shower Screens

The beauty of having a bespoke solution is that you can specify many elements of your screen; for example, we offer three different wall fixing options. Available on all shower product ranges, our Made to Measure service can be an ideal option for an awkward or difficult space like rooms that have sloping ceilings. The Survey and Installation Service carried out by qualified engineers ensures that your product is designed and installed with complete accuracy.


For advice on the best screen to choose for your project, or to ask about our bespoke service contact our helpful Sales team at [email protected].