Distinctive Basins - Now with added colour

Distinctive Basins - Now with added colour

The world of basins got a little more interesting of late, with the development of new technologies alongside new ways of thinking about how to make the utilitarian brighter and more beautiful.

Bathrooms have been coming under increased focus over recent years with more effort expended on their conception and resolution. No longer deemed unworthy of decoration, they are coming into their own as rooms with as much inherent style as any other space in the home. Instagram and Pinterest have made comparing different schemes much easier, as well as providing ample inspiration for what may be achievable in terms of colour and style. Porcelainware for shower, bath and cloakrooms has been used for decades for very good reason, being fairly inexpensive to make, with a resulting product that is reliably simple to fit and maintain. At Claybrook we have a number of porcelain basins of differing styles for just these reasons.

Now, however, we have added some colourful characters to the wider basin collection, meeting the demand for bathrooms with panache and just a little more personality of their own.

Nuku Concrete Basin
Beton Nuku concrete basin in Corail with Bournbrook taps (Kasama Habu tiles)

Firstly, we have introduced Beton. In eight mouth-watering shades these concrete basins are available in three shapes, including a wonderfully tactile oval design. Pigments are added to the cement to create the stunning colours that range from soft clay tones through to verdant greens. Tailor-made for injecting fun into wash time and made with great care, these countertop options add some punchy personality to the spaces they inhabit.

Apollo basin
Apollo MarbleForm basin in Forest Green

At first glance our new MarbleForm® series of basins have a pared back aesthetic, but upon closer inspection one with a sculptural quality. They are manufactured utilising moulded stone technology, a mix of reclaimed marble material from our stone processing facility with resins and bonding agents.  We designed them for projects with a classic time-honoured look, or those that feature more modern interiors with a fluidity of style. The high stone content within MarbleForm® gives the four moulded basins similar features to those of natural stone. Heat retentive, durable and easy to clean, they are lighter than natural stone or marble and even repairable. Perfect as a statement piece in bathrooms or cloakrooms they are available in countertop and wall mounted options in six gorgeous colours, including Plaster Pink and Forest Green.

Smithfield Basin
Smithfield basin painted in Kate Blush with Midtown taps (Hayek Hex Navy and East Haven Penny Mosaic tiles)

Our Smithfield has style with a feel of the butler’s pantry, perfect for inclusion in schemes that are a little paired-back or have an industrial edginess. In easy to clean ceramic and with raised backsplash, it’s supplied in white but you can repaint the underside to the hue of your choosing on site. Select from one of the fifty fabulous colours in the vegan-friendly Claybrook Colour paint palette.

All hail the new bathroom. No longer a cold zone of featureless utility, but a space imbued with love, comfort and personal style.