Fabulous New Shades

Fabulous New Shades

The Claybrook Colour paint palette recently became significantly larger thanks to the addition of fantastic new shades for 2022. Joining the original 30 options are 10 new neutrals and 10 more colour-rich hues.

Neutrals can be used two ways. Often, they are the quieter partner to stronger shades seen in both complementary paints and other soft furnishings and furniture. In this way they are required to be pretty much seen but not heard. Not the star attraction but more of a supporting artist. The second way is when paler and simpler hues form the focus to a scheme. When utilised in this layered way, the contrast between them becomes apparent with subtle shade variations and tones highlighted. With names like Safari Jacket and Isabel’s Bloom, the esoteric naming we’re famous for continues, after all; painting is fun. These natural shades have a more spring/summer feel than winter, as our collective obsession with greys gives way to warmer tones of creams and taupe’s, with a hint of tan and brown.

Deeper and more colourful tones can be used to create drama and impact. Used to make a definitive design statement these highly-pigmented paints don’t play second fiddle; they are up front and centre-stage. We’ve added an aubergine shade for the first time; in fact, you heard it here first, feel it’s the colour of 2022. This is joined by the deep and delicious Caffeine Boost, complemented by new coral and pink tones. We’ve also introduced Mellow Mustard; a tangy shade to add a jolly jolt to your refurbishment and Monstera Leaf, a pigment brilliant if you’re wanting to create a verdant feel with the scheme.


New Paint Colours 2022


Alongside the fabulous colours, what sets us apart from any competitors is a whole series of elements that may not be obvious at first glance.

Quality - Not all paints for the interior of your home or project are created equal. It’s been known for a while that what sets premium paints apart from the herd is more investment in pigments, and the quality of the paint coverage. Without being too technical, Claybrook easily fits into this top tier due to its formulation and production.

Vegan - Not only is the calibre second to none, but the paints have zero animal product within them; nor are they or any ingredient within them, tested on animals. They are low odour, washable, wipeable and with great coverage.

Low VOC - As many Claybrook clients share our passion for environmental issues, we produce ulta low VOC paint. Volatile organic compounds can include toxic elements, which through applying our exclusive formula we have all but eradicated. To be specific, under the EU Directive of 2010, the limit of VOC allowed is 75gms per 2.5l tin. Claybrook emulsion has less that 3gm per tin. It is almost impossible to remove all trace elements of VOC’s.

No hidden charges - The paint is delivered free to most parts of mainland UK, so there are no surprises at the online checkout or instore when you are pay.

Environmentally aware - Our paints are made in England. This is important as it reduces the amount of road miles travelled to get the paint from production to customer. Each order is, in fact, made to order and sent within 48 hours. Again, this stops us having to deliver to a warehouse or our shop for ongoing storage, and then on a secondary journey from the shop home with the client. We deliver from source to customer in one go. It is also means that our customers receive a fresh product, not one stored for months in a back room.

We don’t produce sample pots of the paint as these often end up half full going to landfill. Up to four painted colour sample swatches are available instead, free from our website. 

Why colour matching can be a mistake - Our paint is unique to us with specific pigments and ingredients that create a depth of colour simply not possible from cheaper alternatives. Any potential copy of our emulsion may have more of a satin sheen than the matt finish our recipe provides. The colour you fell in love with may not be the hue you end up with if you try to replicate it. Claybrook paint doesn’t smell, is easy to apply and has consistency of finish, something that cannot be said of copycat options. The copy may be cheaper, but is it worth the risk of an inferior product if you end up reverting to Plan A?


New Paint ColoursLeft: Pool Yard and Fishing Bivvy, Right: Aubergenie with Mellow Mustard and Isabel's Bloom