Finding a tiler

Finding a tiler

Do you know a good tiler?” is often a question we are asked by our clients and customers, so we thought we’d list a few pointers to help you find the right person to deliver the fantastic result that your tiles deserve.

Firstly, and most importantly, tiling is a profession in its own right, so if your plumber or general builder claim they can carry out your tiling, we would advise asking a few key questions to establish their credentials.

To start with, show them your tile sample and ask if they have installed anything like it before. This is particularly important when it’s a natural product like marble, stone or terracotta, any of our glass tiles, one of our stunning mosaics, or the tile has a crackle glaze finish like our Metro Deco. Previous experience with a product makes a huge difference, as badly cut tiles or incorrect sealing/grouting can ruin the final look.

If they have not worked with the above, then start searching for a local professional tiler. As with any trade, your local tiler’s experience and skills will vary, so again ask if they have installed a product similar to yours before and ask to see a portfolio of their previous work, as all good tilers will have one of these.

Once you have settled on your chosen tiler, there are a few things you might want to prepare for the discussion when they come to price for the work:

  • You will need to tell them what style you would like your tiles laid in. Styles such as brick-bond, staggered or herringbone style can often take a lot longer to install.
  • Ask what they plan to do about any exposed edges where the tiles finish, or external corners where the tiles meet, such as shower niches or window sills/reveals. To trim, or not to trim is the question, as not all tiles are suitable to be mitred or left unfinished.
  • Ideally they should use our recommended adhesives, grout and sealers, as these have been tried and tested with our products. If they insist on using their own products, then they must be sure their choice is compatible with our products and they are suitable for the type of surface they are tiling onto. We have a Tile Installation Guide and a Product Technical Sheet on all our product webpages, so if they have any questions, ask them to check our information sheets or contact [email protected].

We recommend that our tiles are cut using a high-speed water-cooled tile cutter with an unslotted diamond blade. This may sound like specialist equipment, but they are standard kit for good tilers and whilst some very experienced tilers can use dry cutters and grinder, and then file down the tile to the desired finish, generally speaking wet cutters provide a quick and clean cut. So check if your tiler knows the best way to cut your tile.

For an example of professional and skilled tilers at work, then Ken and his team at Huds Tiling aim to educate tilers and customers alike on how to achieve an excellent finish and avoid poor installation methods, so please take a look at their informative and fun reels at Huds Tiling Instagram.

Ultimately, we want both you and your tiler to get it right first time. Taking time to discuss your expectations with your tiler, and for them to establish the best way to achieve that expectation before they start work will help you avoid difficult conversations, costly mistakes and unnecessary delays to your project.

For advice on the best style to lay your tiles, or the best way to plan, cut or install your chosen tiles, contact our helpful Sales team or experienced Technical team at [email protected] or [email protected]