Zeze Orchid kit kat tiles

Don't Stagger... Stand Upright

There are numerous ways to tile an internal wall. This may seem an obvious statement but it’s only when you put your mind to starting a refurbishment project that you realise there are options in terms of design, not to mention choices of actual tile shape.

Perhaps the most commonly adopted layout for wall tiling is what is called brick bond, or sometimes offset, where the tiles are staggered; as you would see in a standard exterior brick wall. In order to achieve this look, a rectangular or brick shape is used. These can vary in size but are often around 7.5cm x 15cm, or a slender elongated version of 5cm x 25cm.  Most wall tiles are clay or porcelain with a glaze applied for waterproofing, colour and decoration. These can be decoratively patterned or kept plain. Natural products like marble are also popular and look very smart, although these will need a sealant in most cases for use on the wall. You can of course, use porcelain that replicates materials from mother nature; our Maletto tile is a case in point.

Maletto porcelain tilesMaletto porcelain

In the last year or so, the Claybrook crew have also introduced a number of new mosaic ranges which have offered an alternative to traditional horizontal patterns.

Glazed kit kat shaped tiles have a linear appearance that’s pared back but very aesthetically effective. Our Zeze and Kasama ranges, both in this vertical matchstick style, have finishes based on traditional Japanese glazing techniques. This look can work brilliantly for creating rooms with a little mood by using darker tile shades, particularly in bathrooms with a sense of relaxation in mind. See the Kaiyo and Sora for blue options or the beautiful green of Bonsai for a subtler tile choice. Lighter shades of tile, such as the pale Orchid and the pretty Blossom of our Zeze, add a neutral touch of design elegance; playing their own part in a refurbishment scheme without being invisible. The Katakana tile from Claybrook was also developed as an effortlessly simple choice for a vertical tiled look. Tiling in this way may also help to add a little height to rooms, and carry the eye upwards.

Katakana kit kat mosaic tilesKatakana Small Matt Mosaic (shown with Chunk Big Chip Sand)

Another choice for a more natural stacked effect of tiling is to use terracotta. Ema mosaics are made using a clay unique to the area around Florence, Italy. After processing and baking, the distinctively pigmented material is brushed to create a tactile surface. This is shaped into the individual pieces and combined into a number of different styles. Once it’s sealed, the terracotta is even suitable for shower walls.

Ema terracotta wall and floor tilesEma Terracotta

Laying brick shaped tiles vertically can create really effective rooms. Our Potters Glaze are tiles with a sense of artisan craftsmanship in beautifully subtle shades. The tiles have variation redolent of historic delft; both the colours and an undulating surface adding to a feel of being handmade. When laid in straight lines they create a look that combines modern design sensibility with a time-honoured feel.

Potters Glaze wall tilesPotters Glaze Leach wall tile